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There is a way of being                which is lighter

          which is freer, 


A way in which work

      as well as play

          becomes a dance


And living a song.

      We can learn this way.










Reach the Body

              Teach the Mind

                          Free the Spirit

    "By my body reach the mind"

                               -- William Shakespeare

Trager Psychophysical Integration with Mentastics…   An innovative experiential learning approach to movement re-education created and developed over 65 years by Milton Trager, M.D.   After his retirement from private medical practice until his death in 1997.  Dr. Trager devoted his time to research and training Practitioners and Instructors throughout the world.  The Trager Approach uses non-intrusive gentle movements that penetrate deep into the body and mind facilitating the release of deep-seated physical and mental patterns.  These patterns frequently occur in response to injury, illness, emotional trauma, poor posture, or the stresses of daily living and may distort, limit, or block free-flowing motion and full self-expression.  We often experience these unconscious & restrictive patterns as pain, tension, stiffness, holding and/or reduced range of motion.  The repetition of rhythmic easing motions brings a deep feeling of calm, relaxed, peaceful mind/body connection that is the essence of the Trager Approach.


Through a climate of trust & cooperation…   The two aspects of Trager, tablework (Psychophysical Integration) & Mentastics (self-care movements or “mindfulness in motion”), combine to provide the client with an experience of deepened self-awareness; new feelings of freedom, ease, and agelessness; heightened levels of energy, vitality, and mobility; effortless improved posture and carriage; renewed capacity to relax and experience inner peace; and potent tools for self-induced self-directed movement re-education consisting of mindful, effortless, rhythmic, flowing motions to maintain and even enhance the sense of lightness, freedom, and flexibility that is basic to the Trager Approach. 


In a typical Trager session…   The client is the passive recipient of a wide variety of gentle, rhythmic, non-invasive rocking, compressive, elongating, movement through aware “listening” touch that is guided by the presenting needs of each individual.  In addition to the table work, clients are guided in various ways to engage in and develop self-care movement that again focuses on “listening” to what gentle motion their own body is needing and wanting at that moment.  


Anyone can enjoy the long-lasting benefits… What is Lighter... What is Freer...  From the severely handicapped to the professional athlete, the many positive effects of Trager engender neuromuscular body/mind changes that reach far beyond relaxation.

By experiencing joy                                                       "When you touch one thing                                      Experience…

     through movement,                                                         with deep awareness,                                                    The TRAGER Approach

         one can experience                                                           you touch everything."                                       It could…

             more joy in life”   Milton Trager                                                            - Lao Tzu                                                CHANGE YOUR LIFE

 Milton Trager M.D.'s work is directed towards reaching the unconscious mind...

"Every move, every thought communicates how the tissue should feel when everything is right.  The mind is the whole thing... That is all  I am interested in... I am convinced that for every physical non-yielding condition there is a psychic counterpart in the unconscious mind, and exactly to the degree of physical manifestation."  Milton Trager M.D.

Meet Beverly...


Beverly has been a student & practitioner in the body-mind healthcare field since 1970.   She studied for 2 years at Indiana State University & 9 years at Indiana/Purdue University Indianapolis. In addition to receiving a B.A. in Psychology, she created an independent graduate program taking every psychology related class offered in the Psychology, Education, & Nursing departments.   During those years, she was a teaching assistant facilitating classes in Practicum in Group Dynamics, Humanistic Psychology, and Psychodrama; was hired as a research assistant to run a study on pre & post gastric bypass surgery; was a ten-year board member of the annual Indianapolis Humanistic Psychology Conference.  Alongside her college curriculum, Beverly studied craniosacral, massage, reflexology, energy work, orthobionomy, and acupressure modalities.  She was privileged to have several manual medicine Osteopathic Physician mentors who personally tutored her in their work. 





The Trager Approach

Beverly Cox is a Trager practitioner and workshop leader privileged to have trained extensively with Milton Trager, M.D, Deane Juhan, and numerous other gifted Trager Instructors.   In the past thirty-five years, Beverly has been a Certified Trager Practitioner, Tutor, Introductory Workshop Leader, Mentastics Leader, Supervised Practice Leader, Class Sponsor, and teacher of her own “Tools & Toys” C.E. approved electives class with the Trager Institute.  Beverly brings to her teaching a deep appreciation of the body-mind connection and a joyful love of the Trager Approach.


To schedule a Trager experience or for more information about Trager or Trager classes call

317-283-2551 or email bclight2u@gmail.com

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Job’s Body: A Handbook for Bodywork, Deane Juhan.  A deep, insightful Anatomy & Physiology book written from the perspective of a Trager practitioner and educator.


Movement as a Way to Agelessness: A Guide to Trager Mentastics, Milton Trager M.D.  with Cathy Guadagno, Ph. D.  Contains quotes from Dr. Trager’s teaching includes many photo illustrations


Moving Medicine Milton Trager, Jack Liskin.   Beautiful biography of Milton written by one of his students, much historical information as well as the principles and philosophy of Milton’s work and life.


Pathway to Presence: The Trager Approach as a way of Living, Audrey Mairi.   Well written sensitive book that conveys the essence of Trager.


Touched by the Goddess, Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Powers of Bodywork, Deane Juhan.   A collection of articles that sensitively address complex social and ethical issues that bodyworkers may encounter but often don’t give much thought to.

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Trager Approach for Chronic Headaches ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES, Sept/Oct 2004, VOL. 10, NO. 5



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